Business Wellness

5 Elements

We’ve all heard the sayings “Money can’t buy us happiness” or “Money isn’t everything.” Today you are going to discover how even though these perspectives regarding money may be true on one level, they certainly aren’t true on all levels of our lives. Money or financial wellness will and does provide the means for having a foundation supportive of the other four key areas of your life being in balance, which ultimately impacts your health, relationships, spiritual, and overall personal wellness.

First, let’s begin by identifying the five key areas or elements in your life – Relationship Wellness is how healthy and satisfied we are with our ability to relate and interact with other individuals in our lives. Spiritual Wellness deal with how healthy we see the life beyond our immediate bodies; it doesn’t necessarily mean a religious preference, but it does deal with your personal beliefs and how satisfied you are with this area. The third element is Physical Wellness, and yes, this is exactly what the name indicates: how happy you are with your health status and physical body. The fourth element is Financial Wellness, or how satisfied are you with your current financial situation and where you’re heading in your life regarding savings, spending and income. Finally, the fifth element is Personal Wellness. Personal Wellness has to do with how you feel regarding overall self, are you happy with who you are, and what you are doing with your life.

Elemental_Layout.jpgEach of these five main areas are inter-dependent upon each other; if one of these areas is out of balance or receiving too much of your attention, then the other areas will immediately be affected. An example is if you spend 70% of your time working to earn an income to provide for you and your family. The other four areas immediately adjust to accommodate the lack of available energy. The exterior visual is you are paying your bills easily and growing your net worth, but from the interior Physical Wellness is affected by the lack of available time to exercise and eat properly. When your physical body is weakened even slightly—for example, not having restful sleep—then your Personal Wellness is affected by an increase of stress and  shortness of patience that affects your ability to properly communicate with your family members and peers. Now that your communication is negatively affected, you naturally begin to question the smaller pieces of your life by adopting a non-supportive attitude with certain experiences. This affects your overall perception and you ask things such as “Why is life so hard for me?” or “How did I bring this on?” Both of these are part of your Spiritual Wellness, and it is now being challenged. The final element affected is your Relationship Wellness in that your level of happiness isn’t where it was before and the results are breakdown of partnerships, trust and positive interactions.

If you look at the Life Element diagram included in this article, you can see a visual of one of the two paths your life elements are affected. The outer circle represents a masculine approach to how your life energy moves and interacts with the others, while the inner star diagram represents a feminine approach to your life energy. The path by which your energy is affected is rooted in which emotion is triggering your decision making patterns—which is an article in and of itself. My goal with this article was to introduce you to a new perspective of how the different areas of your life are truly inter-dependent and that all of our decisions affect every area of our lives. With this new perspective you are now empowered to begin making wiser decisions to ensure they are truly supportive of your ‘whole being.’