Industry Idea? Protect It!

This is a crazy time for everyone, and every industry. It does not mean your entrepreneurial mind has closed. During the quietest of times is when ideas start to come to us. So, you’ve got the next big inustry solution – congratulations! How do you know someone, even with the best of intention, doesn’t share it with another? Who then […]

Organize Your Business ~ 3 Tips #StayHome

WOW – so many of us are requiring to #StayHome #StaySafe. How many of you have ever been granted the luxury of time to organize? Or really look at your business’ organizational framework? How about your inbox? Now is the perfect time. The task of filing paperwork is often the most hated and avoided in any office. The same is […]

Mentoring Programs: Supportive of Success

Mentoring programs can offer many positive results to a business. Results that may not directly impact the bottom line. But still add value to those being mentored. When we set out to start our own business we tend to look back at our previous experience. And, how the environment was either supportive or non-supportive of the employee’s success; to see […]

Skills of a Successful Entrepreneur

So you want to go into business for yourself do you? Well there are a few skills every successful entrepreneur needs. Either you have them yourself or you have the resources (both financial and human) available to you. We are not all born to be entrepreneurs. If you grow up in an entrepreneurial family – you still need to have […]

Stress & Digestion

When you think of stress, do you jump to thinking about “body massage”? Or words like ‘soothing’, ‘relaxing’ and ‘pure indulgence’? The fact is a body massage actually goes far beyond indulgence into the realm of therapies. Massage improves blood circulation in the body and therein lie most of its benefits. This therapy has been in use for several centuries. […]

Managing Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is a huge concern in certain industries and is one of the main reasons for causing sleepless nights for managers. Turnover is simply the superficial problem and the crux of the problem is much deeper. What really needs to be studied and analyzed is the reason behind the high turnover rate of an organization. There can be various […]

Human Resources – Employee Engagement

Employees are the key differentiating factor in any organization. After all they are often the ones who are instrumental in giving an organization an edge over its competitors. It is therefore essential for HR departments to ensure employees stay fully committed and motivated while performing their responsibilities, in other words they must use effective ‘Employee Engagement’ strategies. Employee Engagement is […]

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

To grow in life you need to embrace and accept change constantly. The problem is that most of us agree with this statement in principle but when it comes to following it, we find it difficult to get out of our comfort zone and break our established routine. A practical example will perhaps explain my point better. Let’s say, you […]

Importance of HR Accounting

There is no undermining the value of Human Resource in any organization. To quote Narayan Murthy founder of the ‘IT Giant’ Infosys, “My assets are not the buildings, the business or foreign contact. My assets walk out of the gate every evening and I wait for them to come back to me the next morning.” Human Resource is the greatest […]

Undercharging? Death of a Business

In the competitive world of business, selling your services cheap may seem tempting. After all, a lower price tag on your services may help you attract more clients than your competitors, right? But when you are in a field like consultancy or coaching you need to ask yourself, is undercharging for your services worth it in the long run? What […]

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