Boost ur Biz

Boost ur Biz

Let's Get Your Business Moving!


These last several months have taken a serious tole on you and your business. Your motivation is being challenged. Your business has been staled. You're questioning everything and everyone.

This is why I am offering a FREE resource for small businesses. Boost ur Biz is a 45 minute virtual meeting which is focused on 5 small business owners presenting their current week's challenge. We'll brainstorm and discuss options, viability and solutions to each of the members.

Please email me to reserve your spot today! The FaceBook messenger rooms are created and accessed by invite only.

Don't wait. Reserve your spot today!

There is zero cost to you. The only investment is your time and commitment to boosting your business.



What will the agenda be?

Great question! Our goal is to support all 5 members each week. As a member you'll be asked to bring a challenge or problem that you are experiencing each week for us to support you with.

Yes! You can bring the same solution each week if necessary and you're not able to resolve it quickly.

45 minutes will be broken down as follows:

Opening: Each member has 1 minute to give us an update on what happened in the last week and state their challenge or problem they are seeking support with.

Each member will have approximately 8 minutes to be supported by the other members and hear possible solutions to their challenge. Remember this is a micro group coaching - it is laser focused the entire time.

Closing: Each member states their 'to-do' that they will be focusing on the upcoming week.

The opening and closing time frames are not included in the 45 minute laser focused micro coaching. I recommend the members allow up to an hour on their calendar.

What do I need to bring to the meetings?

a) Computer / Mobile Device ~ You will be on a computer or mobile device where you are accessing the Facebook Messenger Room thru so this an obvious need 😉

b) Pen and paper ~ to write down everything the group members say regarding what solutions and suggestions they have for you and your challenge

That's all you need!


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