Knowledge is Empowerment

When we are feeling less than 100% it comes back down to our level of confidence. The knowledge we have of ourselves in differing circumstances can either boost our self-esteem or knock us off our footing. Our reactions can either allow us to get back into the game or have us coming to a full screeching stop. What makes the […]

3 Reasons You Quit

“Quitters never win, winners never quit!” I have no idea who owns this quote. Definitely not me. But it is one we’ve used with my son during his hockey lessons and especially while his competition level has continued to increase. This simple saying is very applicable to those in business. How as a business owner or entrepreneur you kick yourself […]

Possess, Own, Empower

Responsibility comes with a high price. Price meaning stress. When we possess responsibility, we need to own it. We need to allow responsibility to empower us to achieve our goals. What we do with this responsibility dictates the outcome of our hard work. Recently, life for me is coming at me hard and fast. The skills I possess are what’s […]

Roles of a Leader

So many hats. I am sure you will agree as an entrepreneur, sole proprietor, or CEO, you end up being responsible for multiple departments and a slew of different obligations. As a result, it is not simple to define the singular role of a what it means to be a leader. The role, or roles of a leader, from sole […]

Difference a Year Makes

Boy, what a difference a year makes. 2020 put all of us through the ringer as they say. How much did you grow last year? Where are you now? What do expect from 2021? Have you allowed yourself the time to sit and reflect on your business? Being able to answer these questions can and will guide, empower and enable […]

Career Success: What You Need

Career Success! This can be you running a successful business or empowering you to move up the chain of command. In the corporate world, there are guidelines you need to follow or embrace in order to achieve success. For instance, there are factors which need to fall in place before such success can happen. A few of these factors can […]

An Abundance of Kindness

Business and World Kindness Day It has been a heck of a year. 2020 has thrown everything at us, and yes, I would say even the kitchen sink! I have noticed in my quarranteam there is an abundance of kindness, neighbors checking on neighbors for instance. Here in Michigan, we were on several months of limited interaction orders. Because of […]

Stay Focused! Successfully

Hocus Pocus ~ Let’s Stay Focused! Life is full of roles, responsibilities and yes, consequences. Therefore, being able to stay focused is important. Especially when overwhelming experiences are thrown your way. Success in life is nothing without being able to share it with others. As well, as having the ability to focus will allow you to stay present when working […]

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