Calling All Leaders

Do you hear that? That whisper. The quiet voice. Somewhere inside we are all leaders just wanting to come to the surface and shine. Most, if not all entrepreneurs hear this inner voice louder than others. Some hear the calling early in life where others hear it later on during their golden years. We all have leadership qualities and desires. […]

Knowledge is Empowerment

When we are feeling less than 100% it comes back down to our level of confidence. The knowledge we have of ourselves in differing circumstances can either boost our self-esteem or knock us off our footing. Our reactions can either allow us to get back into the game or have us coming to a full screeching stop. What makes the […]

Possess, Own, Empower

Responsibility comes with a high price. Price meaning stress. When we possess responsibility, we need to own it. We need to allow responsibility to empower us to achieve our goals. What we do with this responsibility dictates the outcome of our hard work. Recently, life for me is coming at me hard and fast. The skills I possess are what’s […]

Gratitude, It’s an Attitude

Attitude of Gratitude. You’ve heard the saying I am sure, even more than once. Life always seems to have us running from one event to another. Rushing to feed our bodies and neglecting to nurture ourselves.  Carving out even 5 minutes during the busy holiday season can be stressful. But what if you could multi-task and not feel guilty about […]

Industry Idea? Protect It!

This is a crazy time for everyone, and every industry. It does not mean your entrepreneurial mind has closed. During the quietest of times is when ideas start to come to us. So, you’ve got the next big inustry solution – congratulations! How do you know someone, even with the best of intention, doesn’t share it with another? Who then […]

Organize Your Business ~ 3 Tips #StayHome

WOW – so many of us are requiring to #StayHome #StaySafe. How many of you have ever been granted the luxury of time to organize? Or really look at your business’ organizational framework? How about your inbox? Now is the perfect time. The task of filing paperwork is often the most hated and avoided in any office. The same is […]

Intuition, the Science

Instinct, gut feeling, intuition, all of us have these moments. The times when a hunch we have is proven correct. But, only to wonder later, whether it really was intuitive brilliance on our part or just a lucky co-incidence. When running your business, your business acumen can be reinforced by your business instinct. After all, intuition is a just “acquisition […]

Vertical or Flat?

Perpendicular, vertical, tall or parallel, flat business structure? As an entrepreneur your first organizational decision you made was likely something to do with accounting, products or services. If you are like the majority of small companies, one of the far-off decisions you seldom think about is how you are going to organize your company as it grows. Decisions Choosing your […]

Business Coaching

My passion is support people to achieve their dreams. As a business owner, your dreams are your company’s dreams. Business coaching is focusing our attention to supporting you and your company to realize those dreams coming to fruition. As a small business coach, I work with different types of clients. There are those working for somebody else but possess the […]

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