Dreams: Color & Your Business

Title:      Dreaming in Color?

Over the last year I have introduced different concepts, theories, meanings that can come you’re your dreams. One are which we’ve not covered is decoding the meaning of colors in your dreams; understanding some basic color indicators can help you delve deeper into the meaning of your dream and how it applies to you.

Colors have a lot of symbolic and hidden meanings; if a particular color stands out in your dream then it means your subconscious is trying to communicate an important message. The following is a list of some of the most common colors and their general interpretations:

<strong class=”violet”>Red</strong>

Red is the color of vitality, passion, power, lust and energy. The dominance of this color in your dream could mean that you should think before acting. Red is associated with your Root Chakra; take a few moments to review if you are fully grounded and in a position to take action in your life via the message that is being delivered in your dream.

<strong class=”violet”>Orange</strong>

The color orange in a dream could signify exploring new areas of interest. Aligned with your Sacral Chakra, you will want to take notice of any areas which you are stifling your creativity or is the message which is being brought to you via your dreams a means of inspiration for your creativity.

<strong class=”violet”>Yellow</strong>

The dominance of the color yellow in your dream may be a symbol of your indecisiveness. Yellow dreams may indicate that you are scared and are therefore unable to take a decision. Being associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra – the area of your personal power center, how is your dream indicating a blockage or a challenge to you to further step into self trust, and all that you are.

<strong class=”violet”>Green</strong>

Seeing green in your dream could mean that you will receive money or an opportunity to gain prosperity. Green is also the color that is aligned with your heart chakra so be watchful of the larger picture and how it could be indicating a challenge or blockage with regard to how you receive abundance in your life via your heart center focus.

<strong class=”violet”>Blue</strong>

Blue is the color of wisdom and serenity. Seeing blue in your dream could mean that your mind is clear and that you are optimistic about your future. Aligned with your Throat Chakra, your communication center, your ability to express yourself and to hear/speak truth is potentially the focus of the dream. Check in with your larger perspective of your life and see how this area may need a little TLC.

<strong class=”violet”>Indigo</strong>

In the large scale interpretation of dream colors, a dream about the color indigo can be warning that you may be cheated. When you embrace the Third Eye Chakra which is associated with the color Indigo, your interpretation may need to be adjusted to include a greater awareness of that which surrounds you. Using your energy and Third Eye to remove the ‘veil’ may be what this color is indicating in your dreams to ensure you see the truth of what is around you.

<strong class=”violet”>Violet</strong>

The color violet stands for spiritual and emotional stability and is aligned with your Crown Chakra. This is the place ‘one-ness’ and you connecting, receiving from source. Being vividly apparent in your dreams may mean you are to recognize the other symbols from a higher perspective and not interpret them from a lower consciousness perspective.

In addition to the seven main Chakra colors in your dreams, the following are additional colors that may hold a more symbolic meaning for you.

<strong class=”violet”>Gold</strong>

The dominance of the color gold in your dream may have prophetic value. It could mean you will be receiving spiritual support and guidance in the near future.

<strong class=”violet”>Maroon</strong>

If you dream about the color maroon when you are going through a difficult phase in life, it may in fact be a message from your subconscious saying that you need to face your problems with courage.

<strong class=”violet”>Pink</strong>

When you dream about pink, it may indicate that either the cupid has already struck or is about to!

<strong class=”violet”>White</strong>

Dreaming about the color white could mean that you will be making new beginnings. Think ‘clean slate.’

<strong class=”violet”>Grey</strong>

A grey dream may be a symbolic representation of your emotional attachment to the item, individual that is colored in grey.

Whenever you remember a color vividly, whether or not it was the dominant aspect of your dream, make a note of it.  The fact that you remember a particular color alone speaks of its importance in terms of dream interpretation. In the past, I’ve also recommended for you to be able to remember your dreams and the colors you see in them more accurately to you maintain a dream journal. Being able to review and reflect back on previous dreams will also allow you a bird’s eye view of potential themes and unresolved challenges. It is also important to remember that the color alone does not indicate or provide the absolute meaning. The overall picture needs to be taken into consideration as well as what you are personally or professionally working through in your waking hours.