Entrepreneur Goal Setting

Hidden Costs

When was the last time you used the excuse “I just didn’t have the time!”? We use this excuse to reason with ourselves and others why we didn’t do this or engage in that. But in all honesty, by using this excuse you may be doing more than just disengaging from an activity you enjoy; you may actually be making your pocketbook even lighter in the years to come.

Weightloss_Healthy_Transition..jpgAll our actions today will come back to roost—and in more ways than one. Let’s use the example you just don’t have the time to exercise three times a week. At the present you might feel a little sluggish or have less overall energy to get up and go, or you might go up a pant or dress size but you are okay with that since you just don’t have the time. If you fast forward five or ten years, you may have still increased only a dress size, but now you’re on blood pressure pills or borderline diabetic or taking cholesterol medication. It’s just a little pill, right? Nothing to be too concerned about, unless of course your healthcare doesn’t provide enough coverage and you pay more out of pocket than you thought. More out of pocket for medical bills that you never anticipated means less money for you to enjoy life doing the things that bring you joy. It means less money during your golden years to do things you have been dreaming of.

We are embarking on another holiday season. It’ll be busy, and there’ll be a ton of food and a thousand reasons why using the excuse “I just didn’t have the time” is justified. This season, give yourself the gift of time, money and life by replacing this excuse with “It’s just ten minutes; I can afford 10 minutes today,” and then take the 10-minute walk around the block three times each week. Your body, mind and bank account will thank you for it.