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Man’s Best Friend

We’ve all heard stories about the psychic and even telepathic powers of pets. The most recent and well known situation reported in the The Register on July 26, 2007 by Lester Haines was the cat predicting the deaths of over 25 senior citizens in a nursing home. ( In most cases we hear through the web of conversations of the more common ones of pets having premonitions of accidents or illnesses involving their owners, knowing when their owners are on their way home, acting strangely before a natural disasters, finding their way home despite getting lost miles away, etc. There has been a lot of debate whether such stories about pets are indicators of their psychic powers or are simply the result of their sensitivity and exaggerated claims by doting owners.

Skeptics explain pets’ telepathic connection with their owners by pointing towards the sharp observation skills animals possess. The slightest twitch of a muscle, the subtle change of their owner’s body odor could alert them to a sudden attack or fit. This argument, however, doesn’t explain stories of pets having premonitions about accidents or other untoward events involving their owners.

Skeptics also suggest animals are able to find their way home as they have extremely well developed aural and olfactory systems. They are able to recall smells of landmarks and feel the shift in the earth’s magnetic field and can figure out the right direction by observing the position of the sun. The question that still remains unanswered, however, is how pets are able to traverse through unfamiliar paths to find their way home.

As for premonitions about natural disasters, the rational explanation does sound quite valid. After all it is a well known that animals and birds can sense the change in temperature and earth’s magnetic field and therefore start behaving strangely before natural calamities like earthquakes and floods, etc.

Then again there are also stories of pets being able to see and connect with dead loved ones. Though most such stories are fascinating, there is no fool proof way to test their genuineness.

So, whether or not pets are really psychic remains debatable, however, what can be accepted as a fact is that pets or animals in general have very sharp observation and sensory powers. Being an owner of two dogs, I’ve have come to learn their behaviors and read their energy as well as I read any human’s. I can definitely tell when something within them shifts and I know they can immediately tell when something shifts within me – their behavior such an eye movements can tell me a lot. I listen and respond. I definitely recommend to other animal owners to also pay close attention to the behavior of your pets, it could save your life!