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Our Approach

Meet Karen - Living Healthy Inspiring Your Success

Karen's Approach

Living Healthy and Inspiring Ur Success is all about you! 2020 is a year that will go down in the history books in more ways than one. Your business and it's survival during this unprecedented time needs to be flexible, approachable and sustainable - and that's why I meet you where you are today, at this moment to support you in a compassionate way to get you moving in the direction for you and your business to meet your goals.  I am dedicated to helping you and your business grow and excel at what you do best!

I love meeting my clients from the comfort of their own space - home office, corporate office, coffee shop or kitchen (we all know the kitchen is our favorite gathering place) via Skype or Zoom at a time convenient for both our schedules, every week. Life can throw a curve ball into our schedules at any given time, which is why being flexible with rescheduling is always an option.

Clients work with people they feel comfortable with; it's why I am dedicated to meeting you in a safe, emotionally supportive way when we are working towards your goals in business and life. My phone is always on ~ consider it a virtual version of my door is always open. My clients can call, text, email, etc me at any time. I make myself available to supporting them when they need me most.

Sustainability is a challenge for so many business - it's why we incorporate the thinking of the mind, body and spirit into our goal setting. I truly believe when you set goals and they are values aligned, then you will have a great opportunity at not just succeeding but exceeding your goals.

Flexibility, Approachable, Sustainable is my tripod approach to supporting you while you take your business and thrive.

Our Story

My Story

My husband and I started our business consulting and personal wellness organization in July 2006. We knew our collective backgrounds, our personal goals and hands-on experience provide a very unique support system for our clients. Bringing together different cultures, multiple languages, higher education, academic careers, and work experience in for-profit and non-profit as well as public and private sectors - our unique combination means there isn't a business size or structure we have not worked within. As much as I am the front face and main partner running the show, Jerry has his own client consulting base he works with and is open to taking on new corporate business partners as well.

Meet the Team

Collectively we have over 60 years experience in starting our successful business, consulting with the non-profit and for-profit companies. We've worked with mom and pop organizations all the way through multiply million dollar publicly traded companies.

We are YOUR solution to Thriving during this unprecedented time.

Meet Karen Living Healthy Inspiring Your Success

As an avid health and wellness educator and coach, Karen combines her professional experience, business management degree and non-profit management certification with her multiple certifications in alternative healing therapies (Reiki Master Teacher, CranioSacral Therapist, Anger Management Facilitator) to provide the safest environment for her clients to embrace change with ease, grace and success.

Outside of supporting her clients, Karen also is the Dryland and Off-Season Coach for her son's competitive travel hockey team, is the independent study learning coach to their children, dog mum, and wife. Busy all the while being flexible, approachable and sustainable for her clients.

Jerry Artache

Passionate about leadership, organizational management and business development, Jerry uses his first hand success stories to support corporations to identify opportunities for growth, improve processes (LEAN certified) to increase their production and bottom lines.

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