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Motivation & Your Goals


A personal goal is the ability of the desired reality to which one commits to achieve by devoting their effort and time. A personal goal acts as a guide to an individual’s day to day activities. Very many successful personalities have over the years been vocal about personal goal setting being the cornerstone to success.   The reason why people set goals is to be able to pose challenges in their lives.

In life, one always seeks to climb a level higher than they can achieve. Individual goals are meant to inspire one to achiever bigger things and become a better person in the society. They tend to give one a sense of direction in the aspects of life, love, family and career. Unfortunately, No one has the secrets of how to make perfect personal goals neither are they engraved in some platter.

When setting a personal goal, one needs to ensure that it is focusing on their life. One can’t set personal goals for someone else; neither can some else set your goals. The goals must revolve around what you dream to achieve.   Ensure that a goal is geared towards improvement and enhancement of your life; otherwise, it beats the need of calling it a goal.

The kind of personal goals one makes must be timely. They can either be immediate, short term or long term goals. Either way, set the time you need to accomplish your goals because this will determine the kind of effort you put into them. And one must always put in mind that whether big or small, all goals are important. Avoid procrastinating personal goals by all means.

A goal will always remain a dream unless you put it down on pen and paper and action once oriented makes it a reality. A goal that is clearly recorded down will constantly be in one’s mind and is more motivating than a vague dream in one’s head. One should put their goals in wherever they are, hence in this way; they are always reminded of what they have to do.

One should always have crystal clear attainable goals. Avoid self doubt when making personal goals, have great confidence in yourself and in your abilities that regardless of the goal, you can achieve it. Don’t copy someone else’s goals, everyone is unique and so are your personal goals. Be very realistic with yourself. If anybody knows your capabilities, it should be you. This means that one doesn’t write down goals way beyond you because they will continually live in disappointment.

Setting personal goals sometimes needs one the involvement of other people. This includes your family, peers or workmates. These people will help you be true to yourself when it comes to the kind of goals you are setting. However, do not take their advice for it because some people might just be pessimistic to bar you from achieving. Be ready for their criticism and learn not to focus on negative comments a lot. Find friends or family members who are happy for you and share in your views and let them be your guide. They will be very instrumental in keeping one on track and constantly reminding you of your personal goals. They can even reward your efforts once you get to realize your goals.

Personal goals must be measureable; this means that at various stages of achieving the goal one can always measure their progress and success.   One doesn’t need to attend goal setting talks or have a coach to measure their performance, be your own custodian.

One must never give up on achieving personal goals. Whether it seems rough and hard enough to achieve them, one needs to do some soul searching to determine where they are on the wrong or not. If the problem is in the approach or strategy one is using, you can always take a different route.  There are very many ways of killing a rat, hence consider talking to successful people for advice and counsel. 

Personal goals instill good personal habits. They give one a sense of purpose, enthusiasm, confidence, satisfaction and self esteem.  They bring happiness in the event of realizing them and enhance one’s performance for the next set of goals.