Holidays & Habits

Holidays! We love them. We loathe them. The indulgence can be overwhelming. Anything we can do to kick this holiday habit? Absolutely. You must have heard a good healthy breakfast in the morning can keep you alert and active through the day. Children do better in school, our physical health improves as well as it is a great way to […]

Setting Personal Goals Yourself

Setting a personal goal is embracing the idea and ability to form a new habit or achievement. A habit or lifestyle change that you devote your effort and time into achieving. An act as a guide to an individual’s day to day activities. Many successful individuals have over the years share their personal goal achievements as being the cornerstone to […]

The Art Of Meditation

Meditation an art? Well, in a sense yes, meditation is an art. Just as with sketching, painting or drawing, meditation requires a certain amount of creative skill.  We know meditation to be a practice or technique which those just starting out normally need the support of focusing on things such as a candle, their breath, a flower or a sound […]

Law of Attraction – Basics

Attracting What You Don’t Want? Let’s begin at the beginning regarding the Law of Attraction – like attracts like. It is pretty much that simple but for some we question all the ‘bad’ or ‘ugly’ in our lives and think “I can’t possibly be attracting or wanting this in my life!” and for the most part, you would be right. […]

Health Coaching

Coaching, specifically health coaching is one of the fastest growing industries. Recently an associate of mine quipped “yeah the economy takes a downward turn and suddenly everyone is a coach of this, that or another.” At first I was taken aback. But then after some thought I realized from one perspective that statement has some truth behind it. And over […]

Foundation of Stone

As we look around, we often wonder what other’s have put down as their foundation to success. Or, what it takes for success to occur. How they made it so far, so quickly or what was their motivation to keep going even when times were difficult. There are many qualities that make a great leader or support you in becoming […]

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