Holidays & Habits

Holidays! We love them. We loathe them. The indulgence can be overwhelming. Anything we can do to kick this holiday habit? Absolutely. You must have heard a good healthy breakfast in the morning can keep you alert and active through the day. Children do better in school, our physical health improves as well as it is a great way to […]

Gratitude, It’s an Attitude

Attitude of Gratitude. You’ve heard the saying I am sure, even more than once. Life always seems to have us running from one event to another. Rushing to feed our bodies and neglecting to nurture ourselves.  Carving out even 5 minutes during the busy holiday season can be stressful. But what if you could multi-task and not feel guilty about […]

Teacher Philosophy

Part of my own personal philosophy is we carry the energy of both “student” and “teacher” within us. Depending upon the experience or situation we find ourselves in, one of these two energies becomes primary. We invoke our inner teacher when the need to pass along our knowledge, wisdom or gold nugget to another. When it is our time to […]

Four Ways to Succeed

Everyone is in a reactive position in business and are struggling of finding ways to become successful. Today, we’ll focus on four ways to succeed. For example, as some states are beginning to reopen, others are maintaining their #StayHome orders. While other states that are somewhere in between with these reopening. How is this affecting your small business success? Remember, […]

Comfort Zone – Get Out!

Comfort zone is the area where we love to live. But, to grow in life you need to embrace and accept change constantly. The problem is most of us agree with this statement in principle. When it comes to actually breaking our established routine, many find it is too difficult. A practical example will perhaps explain my point better. Let’s […]

Measuring Motivation

When it comes to measuring motivation to achieve our goals there are some of us who just naturally have it. Then there are others who struggle to locate and embrace it. I find there are days I wonder where my motivation is. On these days I question if there is a way to measure my motivation levels, in comparison to […]

Employee Motivation – a Secret Society?

Employee motivation is a key ingredient to any business’s success. This is not a news flash by any means. Every manager and good leader embraces some degree of motivational program for their employees. Whether they do this consciously or subconsciously they all do it. Motivation is not some secret society either, but the secret to motivation is the ‘what’ behind […]

Entrepreneurs ~ Motivated Procrastinators?

It may sound like an oxymoron but entrepreneurs can be the best at two things – procrastination and motivation! Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs – full stop. They are for the simple reason they are passionate about what they are doing. Some say they get a thrill or high from stepping out into the unknown. Some have a higher level of tolerance […]

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